Bluetooth  6 riders headphones for full duplex intercom Music Mobile Phone and GPS

• Support up to 6 riders
• Long range-1200 yards intercom
• Advance noise cancellation

Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom ZB-6100 Double

  • • Long range-1200 yards intercom,
    • Communication system for up to 6 Riders.
    • 1200 yards maximum intercom range
    • Up to 75MPH (120km/h) speed noise cancellation
    • Talk time: up to 8 hours
    • Standby time: up to 500 hours
    • Auto-receiving mobile call
    • Support
       - Mobile phone
       - MP3 stereo music
       - Audio navigation from GPS
       - Intercom between passenger and other riders
    • Line-in audio interface
    • Wind noise DSP based noise cancellation
    • Full weather protected
    • Can pair "rider to rider" or "rider to passenger"
    • Can pair 6 interphones at a time, and easily switched to   any 2 of    them
    • Works with any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone, GPS or MP3    Stereo music
    • With 3.5mm audio input, can work with external media play    devices, like MP3/portable CD player/IPOD and etc.
    • Wireless hands free communication for motorcyclist
    • National level IP54 waterproof standards
    • Auto-receiving cellphone calls
    • Supports voice dial
    • Gloves-friendly

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