About Us


Established in 2014 in San Jose, CA and born from our dissatisfaction, we saw a need for reliable motorcycle electronic accessories.

After purchasing electronic motorcycle accessories to enhance our ride, we felt that those accessories did not perform well, were not reliable, were not really developed by riders for riders and even worse the technical support we experienced wasn’t as expected. It reminded us of the Personal Computer industry in its infantry stage of which we were closely involved.


So what did we do?


We created our ZooZ product line from existing performing components and added elements that we felt were missing as riders. We don't release a product until we and our fellow riders are absolutely satisfied with the product's performance and reliability.  


We provide personal support to all our customers.



Motorcycle GPS


This high performance GPS uses 800MHz processor with high resolution 800*480 screen. The unit includes an entertainment system with integrated MP3 Player, Video and Bluetooth.
• High quality clear and bright LCD
• Sun Shade cradle and mounting accessories

• Glove friendly

• Entertainment system support, Music and Bluetooth
• Water proof
• High performance Processor
• Includes FM Transmitter and Car Kit


Holiday Special

 $499.95    $399.95