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A few years ago while debating how to surprise my wife for our 25th  wedding anniversary I saw a TV commercial on trike motorcycles, I immediately went online and looked for a location where I could rent one for few days to celebrate our upcoming anniversary. It took my wife a few hours to agree to take the passenger seat but then we were immediately in love with the experience. A few months later we purchased our trike and traveled 26,000 miles in our first year, enjoying every mile.


This was a life changing experience for us; since then we met very nice people and traveled  to many exciting locations. Recently, our son Daniel got the motorcycle bug and got his M1 license. I am sure our daughter Coral will follow shortly.  


I was involved with many high tech products during my career and when starting to purchase accessories for our bike it felt very similar to the experience I had buying a computer or other high tech products years ago as an early adoptor. The functionality is not always as it should be, numerous reboots a day was a normal practice, quality wasn’t as I expected. Today the high tech accessory products mostly are at this stage, almost functioning but not very reliable and hard to integrate between them.


We decided to start our family business and to provide only products that went though our lab and real road testing. Less than 20% of the tested products are passing our tests. We are offering products in each category but only few that passed our rigorous testing and are easy to integrate with other products under the ZooZ brand.


We hope to meet you all in person at one of the rallies or shows where we are presenting our products,  or out there on the road.


Ride Safe,

The Zohar Family


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